What is going on in Syracuse?

As the Landmark Theatre replaces its nearly 100-year-old seats, you have an opportunity to own a piece of history. The Landmark Theatre will have new seats by the end of the summer. Right now, work is underway to remove seats installed in 1928, to replace them with new ergonomic seats made from modern materials, which will be more comfortable for theater-goers. The new seating and seat configuration will also add additional accessibility seating. If you'd like to own a piece of Syracuse history, the Landmark Theatre is selling some of the old seats for between $500 and $750 on its website. The seats have hosted generations of theater-goers and have witnessed hundreds of performances.

Have you been to the Downtown Farmers Market!  Rain or shine, every Tuesday through October 12, The Downtown Farmers Market is the place to find fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers, fresh bread, and baked goods.   

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