Statement of Condition

December 31, 2021


Mortgage Loans & Other Liens on Real Estate $474,480,204
All Other Loans 12,482,238
Cash on Hand & in Banks 40,287,020
Investments and Securities 71,411,439
Fixed Assets less Depreciation 776,329
Deferred Charges & Other Assets 3,688,149
TOTAL ASSETS $603,135,379


Savings Accounts   $432,067,067
Loans in Progress   1,670,219
Other Liabilities   74,371,821
Regulatory Capital $27,141,092  
Excess Capital 67,885,180 95,026,272


President & Chief Executive Officer Brian R. DuMond
Chief Financial Officer/Senior Vice President Johanna Dorrance
Vice President/Corporate Secretary Laurie O'Hara
Security Officer/Senior Vice President Cindy Webster 
Vice President/Treasurer Michelle Flask
Assistant Vice President Christine Lauricella
Vice President Elizabeth Bernardin
Assistant Vice President Gail Moyer
Assistant Vice President Linda Pendock
Chief Information Officer/Vice President Anthony Miedaner
Assistant Secretary Christy Krzywda


Daniel F. Mathews, III - Chairman of the Board
Richard Baniewicz
Mary Reagan Dailey
Brian R. DuMond
William Hemmerlein
Robert M. Palladine, Jr
Michael G. Pellizzari
Daniel F. Scaia
Forest Tarolli

Bernard L. Reagan

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