Financial Literacy Program

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Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association is pleased to offer financial literacy educational material to local elementary, secondary schools, high schools and the adult community. These materials cover topics such as how to maintain a personal checking account and how to establish and maintain good credit.

Inadequate retirement savings, personal bankruptcies and consumer credit delinquencies all point out the need to place greater emphasis on teaching financial literacy.

Your Checking Account is designed to teach the skills necessary to maintain a checking account, students first learn about checking account basics and then actually write checks, make deposits and reconcile their accounts using the forms provided.

A post-test and Teacher's Manual are included with each order. This product is also available in Spanish. The materials not only teach an important aspect of money management, but also correct bad habits which may otherwise persist throughout adult life. The materials are suitable for junior and senior high schools and community-based adult education programs.

Your Personal Guide to Loans and Credit is a valuable resource for students and adults alike. Topics include a self-evaluation of credit worthiness, how to establish and maintain good credit, understanding loan principles, evaluating loan needs, setting up a monthly budget, the importance of keeping good financial records, amortizing a loan and the step-by-step process of applying for a loan. Important tips are provided for the proper and safe use of credit cards. Your Personal Guide to Loans and Credit is ideally suited for junior and senior high school and community-oriented adult education.

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Brian DuMond at (315) 468-6281 for additional information. 

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