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Update from the Geddes Federal CEO.

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First Time Home Buyer Loan

first time home buyer loan near syracuse ny from geddes federal savings and loan association

Congratulations! You've unlocked an achievement of adulthood.

Getting a first time home buyer loan can be easy and affordable. Get it at Geddes!

Talk to a Mortgage Pro

Benefits of a First Time Home Buyer Loan from Geddes

For Years, We've Helped People in Situations Like Yours

first time home buyer loan program near syracuse ny from geddes federal savings and loan associationWe Simplify the Mortgage Process.

Pay Less at Geddes - We'll cover your mortgage tax and bank attorney fees on First Time Home Buyer loans up to $1,600.00

At Geddes, You Could Save Hundreds on Monthly Payments By Avoiding PMI Costs. 

Get Great Mortgage Rates

Get competitive, low interest mortgage rates when you get your home loan from Geddes.

We can work with you to get mortgage rates that fit your budget. 

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Conveniently and Securely Pay Your Mortgage Online

first time home buyer loan mobile payments near syracuse ny from geddes federal savings and loan association

With Geddes, you can securely and conveniently pay your mortgage online. 

"Went through Geddes Federal for my mortgage a few years ago and had a really good experience. They were easy to work with and they made the closing paperwork very simple, making it a quick and easy closing. I've had no complaints since I've been going there."

- Meredith, a satisfied Geddes Federal mortgage loan customer

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Get Answers to Your Questions About a First Time Home Buyer Loan

We get it -- choosing where to get a mortgage from is no small decision.

It can be hard to find the right home loan provider based on a quick web page or look at a website. 

An experienced first time home buyer loan professional can guide you through the process, answering your questions and helping you make sense of it all. 

Get Answers to Your Questions from a Free, No Obligation Consultation

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