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Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association is a trusted Partner. 

Investing in a new home and saving for future expenses, such as college or retirement, are among the most important financial decisions most people ever make. Having a trustworthy partner on your side to help with those decisions is critical.
“Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association has been the trusted financial institution for the communities it serves since 1949,” says Daniel Mathews III, Chairman of the Board. “We worked with
the parents and grandparents of our current customers, and we continue to welcome new customers into our family.”

Personal Banking Personified

The term “personal banking” can have many meanings.
At Geddes Federal, it means having a receptionist to greet you when you come in and to
direct you to the person who can best meet your needs. It means phones are answered by people; there is no need for callers to navigate menu after menu.
Brian DuMond, President and CEO, notes that savings customers come into Geddes Federal looking for ideas to meet their short- or long-term objectives: “A local institution like ours with deep roots in the community is invested in its customers and offers the kind of personalized attention they need. We recommend banking solutions that make sense for the customer.”
DuMond explains that national banks are known to have product-specific sales quotas, and the product recommended to
a customer might be impacted by incentives attached to that quota. “Geddes Federal has no sales quotas, because that might interfere with proper customer service,” he says.
Customers are often attracted to Geddes Federal by the higher- than-normal rates of return on certificates of deposit and and individual retirement accounts. Once they experience Geddes Federal's high-quality service, many transfer all their financial business, including checking and savings accounts, to Geddes.

Long-Term Relationships

When looking for a mortgage, customers often do a lot of research before selecting the financial institution they are comfortable with. To establish that relationship and then find out their mortgage is sold to another bank two weeks later can be stressful. 
“This is why we don’t sell our loans,” says DuMond. Our mortgage customers know that we will be with them for the life of their loan.". 
A special emphasis is put on making the mortgage process positive for everyone. “We’re going to be there to support you, answer your questions, and build on that long- term relationship,” says DuMond.

The Local Connection

DuMond believes the local connection is equally important.
“Our customers know they’re working with local decision- makers,” he says. “The members of the board of directors live in their community. The management and staff live in their community. The people they work with know them and their family members. They know they can trust us.”

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